Nebraska is Taking Action: Join the Effort

Being engaged in public policy is an integral part of our state and nation's democratic process. Government officials are continuously making policy decisions that affect the vital interests of children and families, as well as individuals, small businesses, corporations, labor organizations, religious groups, charitable institutions, and other entities. Our elected officials need to receive factual information from Nebraskans in order to make informed policy judgments.

Take action now to let your State Senator know the early years matter. Together, we are changing public policy by changing the public conversation for Nebraska's youngest children.

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Maintain Funding for Early Childhood Programs

Contact Members of the Appropriations Committee

Please take action today and send a letter to the Senators of the Appropriations Committee asking them to maintain current funding levels for early care and education programs in Nebraska. First Five Nebraska makes it easy for you to share your views with policymakers.

Your voice makes a difference!

Benjamin Baumfalk
Policy Research Analyst
First Five Nebraska

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