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A new, searchable website for the Nebraska Child Care Referral Network can help parents seeking licensed child care providers with openings in their area. It's also a valuable tool for the hundreds of Nebraska child care professionals struggling to keep their businesses open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more

Emergency assistance is now available for early childhood workforce and businesses

See our FAQ on Emergency Business Assistance 

See our FAQ on Unemployment Benefits for Early Childhood Professionals

When it comes to the Census, everyone counts!

Nebraska Census results will help determine federal funding for schools, child care, food assistance & more over the next decade.

Submit your Census form today!

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Nebraska grocers ready to work with child care providers

Grocers around the state are more than ready to work with child care providers to help them acquire what they need to run their businesses – including milk, formula, diapers and other supplies.

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Nebraska urgently needs skilled child care providers to thrive—as educators and as small businesses

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Quality child care empowers parents to enter the workforce, support their families and grow their careers 

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 “I believe we can achieve meaningful change that will allow both employees and businesses to grow our economy. We owe it to the American people to discover shared solutions that can lead to stronger families and communities.”

Deb Fischer
Nebraska U.S. Senator

An investment in high-quality early childhood education not only levels the playing field for our at-risk children, it yields more stable communities, a more qualified workforce, reduced crime rate and greater social cohesion long term. 

Senator John Stinner
Legislative District 48

"Almost daily, a Chamber member expresses concern about their current or future workforce needs. We need to maximize the skills of every child in Nebraska to build a sufficient, skilled talent pool for the future."

K.C. Belitz
Chief Operating Officer, Nebraska Community Foundation

"We know that early, enriched environments maximize the interaction between biology and experience, and positively influence a child's developmental trajectory with lifelong consequences for health and well-being."

Dr. Cynthia Ellis
Omaha Pediatrician